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Mobile Recording


MothershipRecording almost ANYWHERE!


It no longer matters whether you're a solo artist, or a large multi-piece band, you can now enjoy studio quality results from almost anywhere. 

We have worked hard to develop a compact control surface allowing us to turn nearly any space into a temporary recording studio, whether it's your own living room, or your local function room.

We offer up to 24 channel simultaneous multi-track recording and over-dubbing, using the latest digital recording technology.

Mixdown can also take place at your location*, or you can join us back at base if you want to oversee the whole process. We have a wealth of digital effects at our disposal, and the list of these just keeps growing, so whatever sound you're after, we can deliver.

Whether you're looking for a demo, or release material, we'll make it happen. We can even organise release on your behalf.

*- For best results, we recommend mixdown and mastering are not undertaken on location. Location mixdown must be requested in advance and may incur additional costs.

The Retro Rockets

 Mobile Studio Pricing


Hourly Rate   £25.00
Block Rate (4 hours)   £80.00
Block Rate (8 hours)   £150.00
Hourly Rate   £25.00
 Transportation charges applicable on distances greater than 10 miles. Charged at £0.45 per mile. No charge for first 10 miles.