More than just music

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many band members can you accomodate?
  • Thanks to our mobile studio offering, we are able to arrange recording in almost any size room, for almost any number of performers.
  •  Where will my music be sold?
  • You will be able to specify the locations where your music can be bought or streamed. Typical release locations will include Spotify, Tidal, Diezer, iTunes, Amazon MP3, Google Play, and many others. 
  • Can I record an audio-book?
  • Yes. While we name ourselves "Music", we do not restrict ourselves. Any audio recording for any application can be done. 
  • How much will I get from sales/downloads of my music?
  • That's impossible to answer, as it will depend on the volume of sales/downloads, and also the nature of your contract with us. We offer a variety of transparent deals for publishing and distribution, with varying levels of benefit to our artists. 
  • What do you mean "transparent"?
  • In simple terms, we're not going to try and pull the wool over your eyes. We pride ourselves on our honest approach to publishing.